What’s your “Why-Power”?

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We all have tried using willpower to achieve our goals — many times leading us to failure. From reading and following the guidance of one of my favorite books, The Compound Effect, I have learned that there is a lot more to it than just willpower.  It’s WHY-power. Let me explain…

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In my last blog, I included a PDF for your Top Three Wellness Goals and it is attached again HERE. But, what is the purpose of setting goals if we don’t have the ammunition to achieve them?  In the past we have all resorted to relying on willpower to pull us through.  Now there’s a far more motivating force to propel us to our goals – it is WHY-Power!

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Willpower versus WHY-Power:

  • What’s going to keep you consistent with the new positive choices you need to make?
  • What’s going to stop you from falling back into your mindless bad habits?
  • What’s going to be different this time versus the times you’ve tried and failed before?

In order for us to make significant improvements to our lives, we need an utterly compelling reason to do so. Your choices are only meaningful when you connect them to our desires and dreams.  The wisest and most motivating choices are the ones aligned with that which you identify as your purpose, your core self, and your highest values. That’s your WHY.  Your WHY must be something that is fantastically motivating to you.  You’ve got to get up and go, go, go — for years! It’s the power and visceral feeling of your WHY that will get you to the finish line of your goal.

Finding Your Mojo- Your Why Power

What is it that moves you the most?  Identifying your why is critical. What motivates you is the ignition to your passion, the source of your enthusiasm and the fuel of your persistence.  The power of your why is what gets you to stick through the grueling, mundane and laborious work. All of the HOWS will be meaningless until your WHYS are powerful enough.

I love this analogy that Darren Hardy uses to bring this concept home.

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“If I were to put a ten-inch-wide, thirty-foot-plank on the ground and say, “If you walk the length of the plank, I’ll give you twenty dollars” would you do it?  Of course, it’s an easy twenty bucks.  But what if I took that same plank and made a roof-top bridge between two 100-story buildings?  That same twenty dollars for walking the thirty-foot plank no longer looks desirable or even possible, does it?  You’d look at me and say, Not on your life.

However, if your child was on the opposite building, and the building was on fire, would you walk the length of the plank to save him/her? Without question and immediately – you’d do it, twenty dollars or not.”

What changed?  The risks and dangers were the same – but your WHY changed.  The reason was big enough and you were willing to perform almost any HOW.


I have shared my weight loss/maintenance success (19 lbs and 12 inches to date) with the Clean, Burn and Shape (CBS) program with you.   My WHY had to be big and strong enough to fight off my urges to grab that piece of bread, order that hamburger with French fries or pop that candy into my mouth. Now my WHY was visceral – I wanted to be able to fit into my clothes again and feel confident.   I was tired of looking at recent photos and cringing – tired of not wanting to face the mirror – from either side! So I made my WHY so powerful that I could not fail.  In the end, I got my MOJO back and those hips started swiveling again.

I am so happy to say that many patients are reaping the rewards of CBS program.

Please comment and share your WHY – for whatever goal you’re aiming for. Remember that by proclaiming it out publicly, the likelihood of success is monumentally greater!

Dr. Diana