What determines our success? …the choices that we make!

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During this time of year, many of us are making New Year’s resolutions – ranging from losing weight, to spending more quality time with our spouses/family to actually using that gym membership that we keep paying monthly dues for.

ny resolutions

Whatever these may be –there’s one key that determines whether you’ll be successful in keeping and ACHIEVING your new-set goals.  You want to know what it is?      It’s the CHOICES we make.  Yes, these everyday seemingly small choices we make – such as going to Starbuck’s for mocha latte rather than going to the gym – accumulate to create the level of success, happiness and well-being in our lives. 

Recently, I was fortunate enough to meet Darren Hardy, the publisher of SUCCESS Magazine and best-selling author of “The Compound Effect”.

darren hardy

I was enthralled by his presentation and wanted to share some of his wisdom with you.

The truth about achieving success is that it can be :

  • Mundane

  • Unexciting

  • Unsexy

  • And Laborious!

That is why it can seem difficult to reach our goals. We live an immediate gratification/ADHD world where we expect to see results within milli-seconds and the media doesn’t help in this regard – alluring us to the weakest parts of our nature.

There is some good news, though.   We can achieve success by following the steps below:


1)  Stop looking for quick fix for happiness, success and wealth

2)  Success is earned one day at a time, one decision at a time, one call at a time and one meeting at a time.

3)  We cannot own success – we can only rent it and the rent is due everyday!



I love this last one.  The rent is due every day.   So as you work towards your New Year’s Resolution goal, be aware of the little choices you make every day.  These choices may appear small and seemingly insignificant, but moment to moment choices add up to BIG results.


Please share some of the small shifts in choices that you are making to achieve your goal! 

Dr. Diana