Welcoming in the New Year: My Sedona Spiritual Experience

by | Jan 12, 2012 | Health & News | 2 comments

Recently, I took a spiritual trek over to Sedona, Arizona. I felt the need for spiritual renewal and escape from the holiday hustle and bustle. A metaphysical connection was definitely in order to properly welcome in the New Year!

Although, I visited this amazing place many times, I had never had my “aura” read or ventured on a vortex tour. For those who may not be totally familiar with vortexes ( yes, this is the correct spelling!), they are said to be places of electromagnetic energy that hold strong healing powers. Sedona doesn’t hold the patent on them, but apparently their vortexes are especially powerful due to the iron content in the Red Rocks.

So, I arrived into Sedona and made my private hike/vortex tour/aura reading with one of the gurus of aura readings, Leon Pelleitier, at Heartwalk Institute. He was a very friendly, personable man with loads of knowledge regarding the history of Sedona’s Red Rocks, the terrain and Sedona’s spiritual offerings.

Our first stop was Airport Mesa, an “upflow” vortex, which provided us with a magnificent panoramic view of the Sedona’s beautiful rock formations. Millions of years ago, sandstone and limestone were deposited there by a receding ocean . Iron oxide eventually covered the sandstone and in a natural process, rust formed – which is what brings the stunning ruddy tinge to Sedona’s Red Rocks. As he spoke about “upflow” vortexes having masculine energy and releasing negative energy from within, I did notice a slight tingling in my fingers.

Next stop was Chimney Rock and the Amitabha Stupa, a privately owned Buddhist shrine, nestled amongst trees and red rocks. A stupa is a shrine said to be the beacon of compassion. As we made our way up to the stupa, we passed an interesting juniper tree. Juniper trees apparently respond to the vortex energy in a physical way, causing a spiral array along the length of their branches – this tree literally resembled the DNA double helix I had studied in medical school!

We then headed to Red Rock Crossing, an “inflow” or feminine vortex, receptive to energy coming within. While listening to the musical rumblings of the creek flowing and gazing in awe at the phenomenal rock formation, I felt a sense of peacefulness come across me.

At the end of our adventure, we returned to the Heartwalk Institute for my much anticipated “aura” reading. I sat in front of a camera with my hands placed on mats on the chair arms. Within about 60 seconds, my aura image was developed, and I viewed the Polaroid with Leon. The image was filled with a halo of bright red/orange with a yellow tail and a streak of green. The bright red/orange meant that I was highly creative and filled with vital energy. The yellow reflected my analytical thinking side. The green tinged streak meant that some energy was leaking and I needed more balance in my life – maybe add a little more playfulness?!

Overall, I was extremely pleased with my Sedona spiritual experience. I left with a renewed sense of myself and felt invigorated to continue on my creative journey. The Listen to Your Libido website is one of my creative avenues for sharing and connecting with you. Thank you for joining me on this journey towards transformation within our lives – leading to more passion and pleasure!

For more information on the Heartwalk Institute, visit www.SedonaHeartWalk.com.