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I hope that all of you enjoyed your Thanksgiving Holiday – spending time with family and friends and experiencing the simple things in life.

This Thanksgiving, we have many things to be grateful for.    I was able to spend time with my mother at her memory care’s Pre-Thanksgiving dinner and she was thrilled.  Just look at her smile!

I’m also grateful for the wonderful news regarding my breast health!  My repeat 3-D bilateral diagnostic mammogram was negative!

All clear!  As Dr. Toosie stated to me, “Now, it’s close monitoring and follow up.”   I’m trying to be a better patient these days, listening to my doctor’s recommendations and doing my best to lessen my stress level.

One of the best ways I’ve found to achieve this is through coloring with my Mom.  She uses the German pencils I brought down after her house sold and shares them with her fellow residents.  It’s incredible how fun it can be.  Especially the Mandalas!  Choose a color and let the creativity flow.   Needless worries evaporate from the mind as I fall into a trance of creativity.  My mother now chooses her own colors and asks questions about what she should work on.  My dear friend, Kimberly, and I encourage her to let it flow and just have fun!

Here’s a finished project that my mom and I worked on together.  She even signed it!  I thought it was amazing how she numbered it – 5 out of 10- just like the real artists do on their masterpieces!!  Her microvascular dementia may still limit her vocabulary, memory recall and facial recognition but she hasn’t lost her artistic prowess.


This Holiday Season I would like to thank all of my beloved patients who have supported me through this year’s challenging medical journey.  As I have stated before, I view my diagnosis as a wake-up call – one which I have heeded to and found acceptance in sharing.

One of my favorite sayings is “Have an attitude of gratitude”.  That motto streams through my mind and body like a mellifluous song, keeping me buoyant in times of hardship and challenge.  One never knows what life throws you, but we do have the choice of how we react.

During this month of December, may we all embrace an attitude of gratitude and appreciate all of the wonderful ( and challenging!) experiences that life brings us.

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