Unhealthy relationship…with your “in-box” ?

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Unhealthy Relationship … with your “in-box’?  

Is e-mail bogging you down?

With so many social media networks, literally at our fingertips, it’s no wonder that we can’t keep up with them.  They are taking a toll on our nerves… as well as our libidos!  Every day we are bombarded by hundreds, or potentially thousands, of e-mails, texts, tweets and Facebook messages.

How are we supposed to juggle all of them?   This presents quite a daunting task to many of us!  Yet according to some social media gurus, it is possible to attain a healthy balance between these media…and find time for fun in life!

Isn’t e-mail supposed to keep us more organized? 

It was always my impression that e-mail, with its “reply”, “forward”, and other options, was developed to streamline our activities, increase organization, and expand our social “connections”.  Lately, I’ve found myself fearing  my “in-box”.  I didn’t want to “open”  my mail lest I discover how many “new” e-mails were lurking in my future.

The wake –up call :

It happened just a few days ago, when I dauntingly opened my “in-box”, only to find a staggering number of e-mails lying within – a whopping 1,019 e-mails,  waiting for my finger to tap the “read” button.   Thoughts of taking a hammer to my computer quickly entered my mind, but fortunately, I calmed myself before taking this blustering action.

A more civil plan was in order – and I needed to take responsibility for creating this media monster.  Over the past weeks, I had been operating within an extreme state of denial  ( that they actually existed) and guilt ( “how could I delete messages sent by other people?”).   The thought of literally erasing all of them with a quick click of my finger, or triaging them to a different folder, just hadn’t been a viable option for me.  Until…

The Solution!

I’m participating in a social media class, Creating Fame,  led by renowned media guru, Laura K. Roeder.   Luckily, in one of the sessions, I watched a healing and inspiring video by Merlin Mann, called “zero in-box”.  Wow, there actually was a way for me to take back control of my “in-box monger”!

 In his video, Mr. Mann recommends that we start by having a “processing” system.  According to this system, you can choose between five options of what to do with each e-mail. 

Five Choices to take Action:

1)       Delete:  Yes, it now has become my favorite!  Start by eliminating those e-mails which you don’t need to read, are spam or just “junk”.  Unsubscribe to those you  don’t read or need.

2)      Delegate:  Another favorite!  Consider if the e-mail could be better answered by someone else.  Possibly a staff member, business partner or friend?

3)      Respond:  Answer the e-mail – using maximum of 4-5 sentences.  You aren’t being rude, you’re being efficient and succinct.

4)      Defer: Maybe this e-mail needs a bit more thought – either click as “read as new” or put in a “To-Do “ folder which you check later that day.

5)      Do:  Take the action needed and move onto next e-mail.  An example would be entering an upcoming event in your PDA or google calendar.

We only have 24 hours in a day!   Let’s start having more fun and doing the things that bring us happiness – rather than burdening our daily lives with too many e-mails!

Please share your own tips and personal ways of controlling your “in-box monster”.

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Lighting the way…

Dr. Diana

Dr. Diana