Understanding Your Teenage Daughter’s Emotions

by | Jan 11, 2011 | Health & News

photo credit: C.G.P.Grey

Wonder why your teenage daughter seems to be on an emotional roller coaster?  From years surrounding adolescence until the time of menopause, estrogen and progesterone spikes create weekly changes in sensitivity to stress, especially in the hippocampus (memory center).  Your previous charming, easygoing daughter has started to react more to relationship stresses, and “drama” is the name of the game.  During the first 14 days of her menstrual cycle, estrogen levels increase, and she is more likely to  be socially interested and relaxed with others.  This increase in estrogen causes a woman’s brain to be most verbally acute at ovulation – if she’s taking an oral exam,  this is the best time!  During the next 14 days (the luteal phase), she is more likely to be irritable and to want to be left alone.

But why is she on the phone so much?  This is your teenage daughter’s way to find refuge, feel more connected with her friends, and bond.  Oxytocin is increased as intimacy is achieved by social bonding.  So, don’t get too frustrated with your phone bill.  You might try to achieve balance by having a reasonably priced cell phone plan, and set times when she can use the phone and when she cannot.