The difference between sex and libido…and 8 reasons why sex is Good for You!

by | Jul 11, 2010 | Health & News

In general, sex is the physical act of making love, having intercourse.  Sex is what got each of us here.

Libido is the drive that fuels the desire to have sex.  Having thoughts, fantasies, and dreams about sex are also part of libido.  Sexual intimacy includes many things in addition to intercourse, including caressing, holding hands, snuggling, foreplay, and feeling “connected” to your partner.

When you feel this connection, many physiological chain reactions occur in your body – hormones are rushing to different parts of your body, brain chemicals interact with one another, and even your immune system strengthens!

Emotional and physical intimacy serve a definite biological function, and their connection to your overall health is real.  You might be very surprised to learn how intimately connected your level of sexual desire is to your general well-being!

Here’s a list of 8 reasons why YOU should have pleasurable sex more often… Right, like you need an excuse??

  1. Having pleasurable sexual activity….Helps YOU live longer!!That’s right…new studies are showing that pleasurable sexual activity on a regular basis SLOWS the aging process!!

    Think about that…How EXCITING is that???

    Have more sex… and you can end up with less wrinkles, straighter posture, and better skin tone and color.  You can literally add more years to your life… and frequent sex can improve your attitude and demeanor.

  2. More pleasurable sex on a regular basis boosts YOUR Immune system.Sex can help prevent your next common cold or flu!  That’s right… having sex increases your body’s natural production of antibodies such as Immunoglobulin A (IgA) – which is your body’s 1st line of defense against disease.   During orgasm, DHEA levels in the bloodstream are 5 times higher than normal.  DHEA helps in the function of your immune system.

    For men, having regular sex increases the flow of testosterone, which strengthens their bones and muscles and helps in the transport of DHEA.

  3. Pleasurable sex can reduce or alleviate stress.Studies are showing that having satisfying sexual activity helps release any distracting thoughts or negative thought patterns.   According to the Kinsey Institute: “the release from orgasm does much towards calming people.  It also helps with sleep.  And that’s talking about EITHER solo sex or sex with a partner.”

    One recent study shows that components in a man’s ejaculate may actually have healing qualities and may act as an antidepressant.  According to the authors, semen contains other essential elements such as prostaglandins, zinc, calcium, Potassium, fructose, and proteins.

  4. Sexual Activity Improves Brain Functions.Having pleasurable sexual activity on a regular basis improves certain brain functions, like your memory… your sense of smell… as well as increasing blood flow to your hypothalamus.
  5. Use It… or Lose It! Sexual activity on a regular basis preserves your vaginal health.   Many studies in postmenopausal women have shown that they suffer less vaginal pain and atrophy, and less thinning of the vaginal lining when they are having regular sexual activity.  Vaginal atrophy can lead to dryness and itching as well as urinary tract infections.   The increased blood flow to the vagina during sex helps keep vaginal tissues supple and lubricated.
  6. Increases Your Body’s strength and stamina… be stronger!Regular sexual activity can help keep you fit!  It’s estimated that 30 minutes of stimulating sexual activity expends 150 to 200 calories – which is more than 30 minutes of housecleaning, Golf, Dancing or Yoga.  The calories you consume in 30 minutes of stimulating sexual activity is the same number as those expended in 30 minutes of brisk walking at a pace of 3.5 miles per hour.   Which would you rather do??
  7. Orgasms help relieve pain.Your Orgasms can become a powerful painkiller by releasing Oxytocin, which calms and sooths the body and reduces the perception of pain.  Just prior to orgasm, the brain emits three to five times the ‘normal’ levels of Oxytocin.   In addition, natural opiate-like hormones called ‘endorphins’ are released during orgasm.  Various levels of endorphins in your bloodstream can produce a spiritually elevating effect and positive perception of the environment.
  8. Pleasurable sex helps heal your physical and emotional wounds, providing you with the opportunity for human contact… human touch.Dr. Teresa Crenshaw shows that when we caress, hug, stroke, or cuddle with each other, our bodies release a chain reaction of chemicals that sends signals to our brain that tells us that what we are experiencing is good.   Human touch is critical to your health and helps to foster physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual connections.

    Dr. Dean Ornish has research that shows that anything that promotes feelings of love and intimacy, is healing.   Truly loving and trusting your partner promotes a stronger connection with your partner and enhances the sexual experience. Not a bad combination, eh?

You know… we women are amazing… We’re organized, smart, nurturing, and generous with our time and energies.

But it’s time you started taking more time for yourself… time to listen to your libido and learn how to boost your sexual desire, strengthen your intimate relationship and create a lifetime of health and well being.