Summer is Over. Kids Are Back to School. NOW It’s Time for YOU!

by | Aug 31, 2016 | Health & News

Wow – this summer flew by and now it’s Labor Day Weekend and the beginning of Fall.

Summer is filled with cookouts, visiting friends and family, and vacations.  You may have slipped out of your healthy routine and gained a few extra pounds.  Maybe you’re just exhausted from juggling work and the extra summer activities.

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Well, now summer is over and the kids are back to school.

It’s finally time for YOU!

I recently conducted a survey of my clients and the results were so interesting!  The top health frustrations are weight gain, lack of energy, poor sleep, and brain fog.

I was excited to see the survey results that also indicated that you may want MORE info. An overwhelming number of people want me to do a 1-2 day retreat here in San Diego – so stay tuned – I’m working on that now!

AND a huge number of people are looking for an online program that they can do on their own to dig a little deeper into their own health and wellness.

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Well, luckily you are in the know as my patient and friend.  You get my blog tips, see me in the office, or attend my Women’s Health Seminars so you stay up to date on your health.  BUT you may have family or friends that are frustrated by weight gain, lack of energy, poor sleep or brain fog.  So I’m sharing this with you…and also encouraging you to share it with your family and friends – as my mission is to help more women feel AMAZING!


I created an online course – as requested in the survey – so anyone in any location now can have access to me!  I discuss the symptoms that so often make us feel like we’re going crazy – and explain that these are totally normal…and you can reduce many of these symptoms naturally. All of this valuable information is now available at your own convenience from the comforts of your home (for much less than one visit with me in the office).

So now that summer is over and the kids are back to school…take 6 days (less than 20-30 minutes a day) for YOU!

Introducing the Amazing Over 40 Ultimate Transformation program

  • Perimenopause/Menopause at a Glance

  • Recommended Laboratory Tests for you

  • Are you taking the right Vitamin & Supplements? [link to the preview]

  • Food Plan to Set You Free

  • How to Get Better ZZZ’s

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It’s time to do something for yourself!  Join the online program today for your Ultimate Transformation – in 6 days!  And give the gift of HEALTH by sharing this program with your friends!

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