Spicing It UP! In the kitchen and bedroom!

by | Nov 16, 2011 | Health & News

Sizzle with  these scents – Cinnamon and pumpkin spice!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner so make sure to have plenty of cinnamon and pumpkin spice in the kitchen.Why?

According to Alan Hirsch, M.D., director at the Smell and Taste Treatment Research Foundation in Chicago, the smell of certain foods can be particularly arousing.  In Hirsch’s study of 31 men between the ages of 18 and 64, using 30 scents and 46 test odors to evaluate sexual response, he found that the greatest increase in arousal in men occurred with the combination of lavender and pumpkin pie.  Second was doughnut (cinnamon)/ and black licorice with pumpkin pie/doughnut coming in third.

Differences were also seen depending on men’s ages and characteristics.  In general, older men preferred the smell of vanilla more than younger men.  Men who stated that they were having the best sex lives tended to prefer a strawberry scent.  Those who claimed to have intercourse the most frequently liked lavender, Oriental spice and cola.  Interestingly, and in contrast to women, men responded positively to every odor that was tested.

Why do men and women respond differently to various scents?

There are many theories.  Certain odors, foods, and scents can remind us of past experiences and events.  Perhaps certain scents bring back happy memories, while others induce negative sensations, making us less receptive to sexual feelings.

So this holiday season, experiment a little with scent with your partner.  Find the scents that make you happy, bring back fond memories, and make you feel more amorous.

Here are some ideas for using scent to spark your desire:

1)   Think about scents from your childhood or from places you love.  Recreate them and assess their effect on you.

2)   Experiment with different fruit scents and tastes, such as a slice of strawberry or a piece of banana.  What type of reaction does this bring up for you or your partner?

3)   Try various essential oils, scented candles or massage lotions in the bedroom.

4)   Cook with your partner.  Cooking stirs up almost all of the senses – the sight of the rainbow of colors of a fresh vegetable tray; the feel of butter and flour in your hands when kneading a soft, pliable pastry dough; the aroma of sizzling garlic in a pan with extra virgin olive oil; the taste and sensation of a piece of dark chocolate melting on your tongue.  And of course, by murmuring “sweet nothings” in your partner’s ear while cooking, you’ll activate the “hearing sense,” too!

What are some scents that “work” for you and your partner? Please leave me a comment and let me know how you used some of these scents to spice up YOUR holiday!