Shout It Out!

by | Mar 25, 2015 | Health & News

As I am gearing up to share my new “baby”, I  was reminded of  a blog that I wrote during one of my other projects  —  my weight loss program using Clean, Burn & Shape. As we would think, studies have shown that by stating your goal publicly, such as weight loss, there is a far greater chance that you will achieve that goal. The greater the public declaration, the more motivated people are to achieve their goals. By sharing our goals with friends, family and others, we are much more likely to keep our promises than if we kept them to ourselves.  It is too easy for many of us to avoid changing our lives and we commonly drift back to old habits and routines.

Girl Shouting Out

In that blog, I showed my before and after pictures – Yes, I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone with this one!


Join me on my next journey!

I am avidly working on my new “baby” and each of you will receive a special invitation very soon. Just wanted to proclaim and shout it out, let’s all start practicing our Lamaze breathing!

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