Reduce your risk of dementia?  Here’s how!

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We all want to find ways to lower our risk of getting dementia – wanted to share these tips with you!

7 Modifiable Risk Factors for reducing your risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease.

According to Drs. Deborah Barnes and Kristine Yaffe at University of California, San Francisco, up to half of cases of Alzheimer’s disease “are potentially attributable” to seven modifiable risk factors (1).

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What are these 7 modifiable risk factors?

1)     diabetes

2)    midlife high blood pressure

3)    midlife obesity

4)    smoking

5)    depression

6)    cognitive inactivity or low educational attainment

7)    Physical inactivity

Minimal inroads in those areas, they say, could result in millions fewer cases of Alzheimer’s.!! So let’s get our brains working like clockwork again and firing on all cylinders!

Head with cylinders as the brain- dementia and how the brain needs to be kept up

So, these 7 factors aren’t rocket science, but they may not be that easy, too.  You have to make choices that are long-term not short-lived in your lifestyle and eating habits.  Adding more healthy foods to your diet and decreasing processed foods, in combination with moderate exercise, will reduce your risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.

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As many of you know, I strongly advise my patients who smoke to “Stop smoking!”  Try nicotine patches or other possible therapies to rid yourself of this unhealthy—and expensive— habit!


Develop a more positive attitude.  You have a choice, right?  Trying to see the glass half-full rather than half-empty.  This improves your general mood and well-being.  For those who are clinically depressed, seek help/treatment from your healthcare provider and consider cognitive-based therapy to help control your depression.

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And exercise your mind and body.  Not only does this help to decrease stress and depression it will improve your brain.  Start exercising your brain by doing crossword puzzles.  Put away the calculator and start balancing your checkbook yourself.  Even everyday calculations can be done in your head or on a scrap of paper.  I always add up my deposits to my bank to help keep my brain sharp!

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Lastly, take an art or drawing class.  This will give your right brain some much needed attention and activity.

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By following these tips, your mind and body will be grateful!   – Not to mention your friends, family and colleagues.


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CitationThe projected effect of risk factor reduction on Alzheimer’s disease prevalence