Pop Open the Champagne – It’s Polo Season!

by | Jun 4, 2014 | Health & News

After the fires and stress from the past few weeks, I made a promise to myself— to get out there and try a few new things.

Why wait? The time is now, right?

So when a patient and friend of mine asked me to join her for Opening Day of the Polo Fields, I thought, “why not?” A bit of hesitation crept in once I thought of the logistics involved. What was I supposed to wear? She calmly and quickly allayed my fears, providing me with detailed instructions – especially warning me to wear the right shoes – “Don’t want high-heeled shoes, keep it simple with a wedge. “ She sure was right on with this. The thought of twisting my ankle while wearing a pair of stilettos crossed my mind. Luckily, I went with the wedge!

Polo Season opens in San Diego June 1st. Encinitas OBGyn Dr Diana Hoppe takes a snapshot

We parked and strolled to where her friends were setting up the cabana. Wine, champagne and juices were placed on ice and the food spread was incredible. “What a way to spend a Sunday afternoon!”, I thought.

The table spread:

 Encinitas OBGYN Dr Hoppe enjoys a healthy feast at the San Diego Polo Club opening day

My vocabulary regarding proper polo lexicon markedly expanded as I listened to my knowledgeable hosts describe the game. Words like, “chukker”, “bump”, and “pick party”, filled my ears and I was enthralled. For those polo enthusiasts who really want to brush up on the lingo, visit the USPA link.

And the horses, what beautiful creatures. They would dart back and forth across the 300-yard field, following the 4-ounce plastic white ball in hopes that their owner’s mallet would drive the ball between the goal posts. Truly amazing grace in motion!

During half-time of the second match, all attendees were invited to fill in the “divots”, commonly known as the “divot stomping” party. Divots are the indentations on the field due to the horses’ hooves running across the field. I did my due service and mended a few – feeling quite proud of my newfound polo prowess. Of course, I used my wedge heel!

The day was a wonderful one! Sipping wine, watching a newfound sport and meeting new friends. I smiled and chuckled to myself about my initial fear and hesitation of coming. “I really need to get out more and experience San Diego. I have lived here more than 20 years, since medical school, and never attended a polo game.” Wow, that’s incredible!

So, don’t let fear or hesitation stop you from doing something you’ve always wanted to do. The time is now! Go for it!!

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