May We Acknowledge All of the Things Our Mothers Have Given To Us

by | May 5, 2021 | Amazing Over 40, Health & News, Lifestyle, Women's Health & Wellness

“Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.” — Unknown

As we approach this Mother’s Day, may we acknowledge all of  the things our mothers have given to us.  For me, it was unconditional love, the strength to attempt anything I dreamed of and the stubborn perseverance to continue even when things looked dismal.

I visit my mother every weekend.  She lives in a Board & Care near me, is 86 years old and in the late stages of dementia.  Her eyes are closed, her lips slightly open, unable to utter any words. Her thin frail body seems engulfed in the wheelchair, the arms of which she holds tightly.  Although she does not recognize me, the sound of my voice makes her eyebrows lift just ever so slightly.

I gaze into her face attempting to find some glimpse of what was – the life force of a strong-willed mother who raised four children each born approximately 1 year apart.  A woman who, immigrated from Germany, mastered the English language and helped my father reach his career goals of a becoming a psychiatrist with a thriving practice.

A woman who suffered from depression and grave sadness during parts of her life, stating the only reason she continued on living was because of the love for her children.  

A woman who loved nature, hiking many of the beautiful trails within the steep terrain of the Sierra Nevada wilderness.  A woman who would persevere and obtain a Ph.D in psychology, later becoming a professor at UCLA. A woman who never gave up on her dreams or the dreams of her children.

May we embrace all that our mothers have given us, have sacrificed for us and have taught us.

Our hearts will be forever held closely in theirs.

Tell me, what are the TOP TWO qualities/lessons has your mother given to you?

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In LOVE, health and happiness,

Dr. Diana