March is National Nutrition Month – 5 tips for your morning smoothie!

by | Mar 2, 2016 | Health & News

March is National Nutrition month! Many of us enjoy our morning smoothies and I thought this would be a great time to share the top 5 tips from a colleague and Health Nutritionist,  Christa Orecchio  Enjoy! – Dr. Diana

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Good morning!


What’s for breakfast?


Because of their ease and high nutrition content, smoothies are my go-to breakfast about 4 times a week.


What you put in your smoothie can make or break your day (and your loved one’s day) in terms of your ability to think clearly, have energy, and feel full for hours after you consume it.


They also provide an excellent opportunity to use food as your medicine and fulfill an abundance of vitamin and mineral requirements for your body and mind.


5 Essential Components of a Healthy Smoothie

Thus today on Food as Medicine we talk about the five essential components to a healthy smoothie.

I give you variations for each of the five components so you won’t get bored because you can mix and match all week long. 😉


Click here to head over to the blog to watch the episode and get your mix-and-match smoothie recipes.

I am wishing you a healthy, happy, balanced day ahead.