Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal!

by | May 5, 2014 | Health & News

Recently I came across an article I had written years ago. It still rings true today…

“ Life is not a dress rehearsal!”….

I used to think I needed to downplay my appearance. During my residency training in Ob/Gyn, I abided by an insane dictum. The dictum that physical attractiveness was inversely correlated to intelligence. The less attractive the more seriously you would be taken by your superiors. This was especially pervasive in the surgical fields. At that time, being a woman within a male-dominated field was extremely challenging and at times, demeaning. By dressing down and not trying to look “made up”, you were perceived as being more intelligent.

Well, what kind of craziness was that?? Why couldn’t you be attractive AND intelligent?

female physician

Medicine: Challenging Mine Field

During these four years of OB/Gyn residency, I felt challenged both intellectually and emotionally – sometimes to the brink of giving up. The omnipresent minefields of self-deprecation, low self-esteem, and personal criticism fell heavy on my heart. Ultimately, through years of therapy and self-help books, I eventually emerged victoriously. I became proud to present myself as who I really was —- not shying away from my internal and external beauty.

I realized that I had spent too many years in the long sullen corridors of medical school and residency. It was time to break free. I deserved to look and feel my best. And I set myself out on a mission. A mission to take control of my life. Decisions for and about my life were my sole responsibility, not anyone else’s. How I felt about and treated myself was directly up to me. I needed to take care of myself. If I didn’t, who would?


Self – Exploration

On this self-exploratory mission, I avidly read books on self-esteem, life affirmations, and goal-setting — savoring them like decadent desserts. Books by Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, and Viktor Frankl filled my shelves with their wise words. I started realizing the vast potential available to all of us — if we would only reach for it — stop the self-denial and delayed gratification.
I realized: “If not now, then when?” “When is someday?” “There is no someday.” It exists only in our minds. It exists in our fear.

Now is the time to take those bold steps away from the ocean of fear. Shrug off those thoughts of self-denial and delayed gratification and replace them with self- assuring, affirming statements. Allow yourself to experience things you never dreamed of. Allow yourself to indulge in the sheer bliss of life!

Dr. Diana