I met him! On Monday at Gia Wellness I had the opportunity to speak with  Dr. Igor Smirnov, the inventor of the i-H20 water activation (MRET) system.  MRET stands for Magnetic Resonance Effect Technology.


Let me share with you some of the amazing benefits of this technology! With MRET technology, micro-clusters of water molecules are transformed into a single file – allowing water molecules to enter the body’s cells 4-5 X faster!   Dr. Smirnov also shared how studies of MRET activated water (i-H20) suppressed growth of cancer cells in mice (1)!


single file aligned moleculesWater molecules in single file.



single file aligned water enters the body faster and hydrates better

Visualization of  SFA water entering cell.

I was especially intrigued by this study because I wrote my senior honors thesis at U.C. Berkeley on the effect of combined heparin and cortisone therapy on the growth of breast cancer cells in mice. (2)

In this study by Dr. Smirnov, two groups of mice were infected with cancer cells into their abdominal cavity.  The “control group” received regular water and the “preventive treatment” group received MRET activated water.  After 18 days, you can see the difference – markedly less tumor growth the MRET (i-H20) group than the control group.


mice on the 18th day after ascitic Ehrlich carcinoma cell inoculation

The appearance of mice from the “control” group (A) and the “preventive treatment group” (B) on the 18th day after ascitic Ehrlich carcinoma cell inoculation.


Dr. Smirnov also found that group that received the activated water (B) lived longer – 62% longer!

Pretty amazing, right? To get more info about MRET activated water (i-H20) watch this segment with Dr. Smirnov, featured on the Truth About Cancer on-line documentary series.

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1. Smirnov, I.V. (2007) “MRET Activated Water and its Successful Application for Preventive Treatment and Enhanced Tumor Resistance in Oncology”, European Journal for Scientific Research, Vol. 16 (4): 575-583, Germany

2. Senior Honors Thesis: The Effects of Combined Cortisone and Heparin Therapy On the Growth of Solid Murine Mammary Tumors, UC Berkeley, 1984. Diana Elizabeth Hoppe