Girls Need Girls as Friends for Health & Wellness

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cooking at sur la table carlsbad with dr diana hoppe

Last Friday night, we converged on Sur La Table in Carlsbad, for a Girls’ Night Out where Chef Michele led us in a cooking extravaganza. I am sure everyone who attended will tell you that it was an event that you should not have missed. We cooked, ate, drank wine, let our hair down, but most importantly, we laughed and bonded. We came together with the goal being a night of comradery and fun…and judging by the ear to ear smiles throughout the night, I would say we surpassed our goal.

Though the event was a complete success, after reflecting over the weekend, it got me thinking about the fact that out of the thousands of patients and many friends I have, the sheer number of people that said “I don’t have time,” or “My husband is out of town,” or “I wish I could but my kids have a soccer tournament the next morning…” made me concerned that this is not an isolated incident and it wouldn’t have mattered what weekend it was, the same reasons for missing a fun event would have existed. However, one reason never came up, not once…Not one person said “I have no interest in a Girls’ Night Out.” Girls’ night outings are important and even if cooking at Sur La Table is not your thing, the importance of getting out and letting loose with the girls cannot be overstated.

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Friendships have a major impact on your health and wellness. It is difficult as we get older to find the time to care for and nurture existing relationships, no less start and build new ones, but it’s important to remember that friends are there to provide the boost when times are bad and elevate you when times are good. Unfortunately, all of us get so busy in our own lives with work, kids, committees, community groups, and donating our time that the only time left in the day for ourselves is dedicated to sleep. THIS MINDSET NEEDS TO STOP!

Studies have shown that the more social you are, the risk of health issues decreases, you are more likely to live longer, and are generally happier than those that are less social. I wrote an article in May giving you “10 Tips to Transform Yourself into the More Compassionate You!” Start here with you and for you. Once you have mastered that, schedule that Girls’ Night Out!

Here are 5 Awesome Ideas for a Girls’ Night Out

cooking class girls night out

#1: Take a Class Together

Whether it is cooking, candle making, painting or brewing, classes with friends are an awesome way to bond, release stress, have fun and decompress.

live music girls night out

#2: Go See a Band

Studies have shown live music decreases the release of stress hormones and increases the sense of a community connection.

movie night girls night out

#3: Have a Movie Night

Whether you head out or stay in for dinner and a movie, the emotions movies elicit are good for bonding you and your friends together.

wine tasting girls night out

#4: Wine Tasting

Wine tasting with the girls is a great way to quietly decompress, laugh, tell stories and reminisce. If a local vineyard exists, take a limo tour, dine, and enjoy the time with your friends or, invite your friends to an in-home wine tasting with an experienced sommelier. Don’t want to go through the hassle of either, make it fun by putting a $10 limit on purchases and see which girl finds the best wine for the best price.

resort girls night out

#5: Revisit Your Inner-child with a Sleep Over…at a Resort

Get away from the husband and kids for a night, invite the girls for a night at a resort, get into your pajamas and regress to your inner-child. Order room service or dine at the resort restaurant, watch a late night movie, and best of all, forget that you are an adult for one night.

I know what you are thinking, this Girls’ Night Out thing could get expensive. Well, luckily, you can rely on Groupon to save the night. Here are some current deals for your Girls’ Night Out.

As a final note, according to the Nurses’ Health Study from Harvard Medical School, “the more friends women have, the less likely they are to develop physical impairments as they age and not having confidants is as detrimental to women’s health as being overweight or smoking cigarettes.” So put a date in your book, schedule your Girls’ Night Out, and make the plan. When we women are alone with each other, we open-up and become who we really are…and that is the best person you can be.

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