Flossing Your Teeth Can Cut Your Risk Of Heart Attack

by | Feb 3, 2012 | Health & News

Floss those pearly whites — and cut your risk of heart attack?

Yes, it’s true! By simply flossing every day, you will markedly reduce your risk of heart attack. Recent studies have shown that those people with gum disease or other forms of periodontal disease are 2x as likely to suffer from coronary artery disease.

According to Michael Roizen,M.D., physician colleague of Dr. Oz, and author of “Real Age” , by performing this simple task once a day, you can add 6.4 years to your life! Dr. Roizen even ranks flossing up there with smoking cessation and exercise as the three most important daily activities!

How can flossing decrease your risk of developing heart disease and suffering a heart attack?

Well, there are 2 theories why flossing leads to less risk.

The first theory involves plaque formation. By flossing, you remove the excess bacteria between your teeth that produce dental plaque. Dental plaque is not a good thing because it enters your bloodstream and attaches to fatty plaques in your coronary arteries, the blood vessels that bring oxygen rich blood to your heart muscle. This increased plaque formation causes thickening/narrowing within the arteries leading to less blood flow and nutrients reaching your heart tissues.

The second theory involves inflammation. If you haven’t heard much about inflammation and its connection with heart disease, diabetes, cancer and autoimmune disorders, you soon will! It is the hottest topic in research now to prevent a myriad of different diseases. With periodontal disease, there is increased inflammation and production of inflammatory markers which lead to plaque formation. With increased plaque build-up there is again, less blood flow and nutrients reaching the vital heart tissue.

So how much should you floss?

Per dental experts… and Dr. Roizen, once a day! Recommendations are also to brush your teeth 2-3 x/day after meals and visit your dentist for routine cleaning every 6 months. By following these recommendations and sharing them with your friends and family, you’ll be doing adding many more healthy years to your life and theirs.

So start flossing those pearly whites tonight – your heart will thank you for it!