Findings Show That Certain Scents Increase Women’s Sexual Arousal

by | Jan 21, 2010 | Health & News

goodnplenty.freeResearchers at the Smell and Taste Treatment Research Foundation in Chicago have conducted trials to gauge women’s sexual response to certain scents. By measuring the blood flow to the vagina, various odors were tested to evaluate arousal. Among those scents found to increase vaginal blood flow the most were:

  • Licorice, particularly Good & Plenty candy/cucumber combination
  • Pumpkin pie scent/lavender combination
  • Baby powder scent
  • Good & Plenty candy/banana nut combination
  • Baby powder scent/chocolate combination

A  healthy libido goes hand in hand with a healthy relationship.  To spice things up, remember to keep a bowl of Good & Plenty candy next to your bedside!

Additional information regarding scents which increase women’s sexual desire can be found in my book, Healthy Sex Drive, Healthy You.

photo credit: Ingrid Perlstrom