Everybody Needs a Karmic Cleanse From Time to Time

by | Mar 28, 2017 | Health & News

Spring time is here!  Days are getting longer, flowers are budding and birds are chirping.  During this time, many of us also do some much needed “spring cleaning”, ridding our closets (and ourselves) of unnecessary clothes and material belongings that no longer serve us.

So we’re giving our houses a spring cleaning, but what about our bodies?  Don’t they deserve this too?  That’s when I heard about the “Karmic Cleanse” and I wanted to share it with you!

First a little background….what is karma?

Wayne Dyer - KarmaKarma is a Sanskrit word that refers to the cycle of cause and effect, meaning every action that we take in life affect others at some point in the future.  This rule also applies to our thoughts and words.

Have you ever made some poor choices at the expense of someone else’s feelings that you’ve later regretted?  I think we all have!  Sometimes our needs and desires cause us to react in a negative manner – in almost a reflexive way.  But what if we could change this?

According to Dina Strada, a freelance writer for the Chopra Center, the universe will bring back whatever acts that we have committed or feelings that we have caused in others.  This karmic “boomerang” teaches us to be more compassionate and think before acting(1).

Have you ever wondered when the karmic payback would be due to someone who did you wrong?  Well, rather than perseverating on this and wasting precious time, what if we shifted our mindset to being more compassionate to both ourselves and others?

What a concept, right?

So here are the 5 Steps to Giving Yourself a Karmic Cleanse!

• Be Grateful : for every experience, both good and bad

• Act with love: towards everyone (and yourself) no matter what they (you) have done.

• Check your motives: make sure that they are coming from a place of love for self and others.

• Watch your attitude: Negative thoughts can create angry energy directed at you and others.

• Forgive: I think this is the most important!!  It can be the hardest of all the steps, but so critical in creating great karma for you and others.

There you go!  Time to start Spring Cleaning our Souls!  Here’s to Karmic Cleansing!!


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