Do women really hit a “sexual peak”?

by | Mar 16, 2012 | Health Basics

Great question, right?

Well, almost 60 years after Dr. Alfred Kinsey released his renowned book, Sexual Behavior in the Human Female, the question still remains. Is there a set point for a woman’s sexual stride?

Many believe the set point has been “mid-thirties”. Ever wonder where this age point came from?

The rumor about a woman reaching her sexual peak in her mid-thirties or later, most likely resulted from data collected by Dr. Kinsey and provided in his book.

Per Dr. Kinsey :
“One of the tragedies which appears in a number of marriages originates in the fact that the male may be desirous of sexual contact in his early years, while the responses of the females are still underdeveloped and while she is still struggling to free herself from the acquired inhibition which prevents her from participating freely in the marital activity. But over the years, most females become less inhibited and develop an interest in sexual relations, which they may maintain until they are in their fifties or even sixties.”
– Kinsey, Pomeroy, Martin & Bebbard, 1953, pp. 353-354

Kinsey came to this conclusion after closely evaluating over 5,000 women and taking very thorough sexual histories. Yet, as with many studies, there are certain limitations which cause us to take a step back before claiming this to be the ultimate truth. Firstly, the study population of women interviewed consisted largely of highly educated, wealthy white women, many who held college and post-graduate degrees. This hardly reflects the average woman living in the US at that time.

Secondly, different definitions were used for men and women for sexual peak. For men, sexual peak was defined as “most desire for sexual contact” which occurred during their early twenties. For women, sexual peak was defined more in terms of satisfaction rather than desire and occurred later in life. As per Kinsey’s words, a woman is still “underdeveloped” and struggling with her “acquired inhibition” at the time when her male partner is most desirous of her.

So what does all of this mean?

In my opinion, it means that sexual peak can occur at ANY age and that there is no set age where men and women reach this point. And who’s to say there can’t be more than one peak during the course of your life?

Maybe we start reaching higher and higher peaks as our relationships become more intimate, when trust and vulnerability become key factors. I believe that sexual satisfaction is more easily achieved when a woman is comfortable with her partner and feels “safe”.

So, what do you think? Do women reach a sexual peak?

Please share your thoughts — I would love to hear them!