Yell it from the rooftops!  

“You saved my life!”, shouted a woman sitting in her salon chair as I was walking out of my favorite nail salon.   “Yes, Dr. Hoppe, you saved my life.  I love my hormones!  And my husband’s here to prove it.”, as she pointed to her husband, grinning from his chair across from her as his toes indulged in a pampering pedicure.    My heart swelled - hearing these words make me feel so fulfilled and hopeful - I am making a difference in the world, at least for the woman in the nail salon and her husband.  As I left, she said, “And I’ll yell it out on the rooftops for you!”


A few months prior, she had come into my office, depressed, hopeless and distraught.  She had lost her sex drive, her sense of motivation and was searching for answers.  Why did she now feel this way?  She was only 53, recently remarried and appeared to have everything in her life. 


Well, hormones have a way of wreaking havoc as we move into our 40’s and 50’s as our menstrual cycles weave a pattern of chaos with our bodies and emotions.   It's as if we’ve strapped ourselves into a wild roller-coaster ride which doesn’t seem to have a stopping point.

But, thankfully , there is hope!  By educating yourself about what is happening physically to your body, you will better understand why this is happening- both emotionally and mentally to you.  You just need the right physician to help you navigate through these waters - changing them from a rugged sea to a smooth sail. 

After 25 + years in private practice, I’ve now transitioned my practice to telemedicine specializing in perimenopause and menopause - with all of its challenges and symptoms.  Having the time and knowledge to truly evaluate each patient - their health, lifestyle, relationships, etc allows me to delve into the root causes of their symptoms.  It’s not your 7-min rushed visit but rather a 30-45 minute in-depth evaluation of you as a unique woman with individual concerns and challenges. This is what you get when you book a new consultation with me. 


In addition, I’ve procured the Amazing over 40 website where you will find the answers to your questions:

What’s happening to my body?  Muffin top, anyone?

Where’s my sense of focus?

What happened to my lost libido? 

These and many more topics are discussed in blog posts and podcasts found on the site which has become a centerpiece for my practice.  I love engaging a community of health-seeking women to unlock the secrets to aging gracefully and achieving optimal health - at 40, 50, 60 and beyond.


Do you want to start feeling your best?  Tame the negative thoughts?  Actually lose that dreaded muffin top?  Well, you can!  Please join me for a special masterclass, “Getting Your Badass Back!” on Thursday, April 27 at 5:00 pm PST.  Click on the link below and start finding out how amazing life can truly be.

- In health and happiness

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