What’s in Your Wine?

Pesticides? Added sulfites? Chemicals?  Unfortunately, the answer may well be “Yes”. 

According to a recent study, one specific pesticide, Roundup’s Toxic Glyphosate, was found in 100% of California wines tested.  Not only can pesticides be found in wines, but also added sugars (up to 16 grams), coloring (like Mega-purple) and many preservatives.

Crazy right?  Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Round-Up herbicide, is the most used agricultural chemical in history.  Since its introduction in 1974, 1.8 million tons have been applied to U.S. fields with 2/3 of that volume sprayed in the last 10 years.  In February 2018, a California judge ruled that the cancer warning label on Round-Up does not have to be labeled even though the state still lists Glyphosate as cancer causing. 

Monsanto’s own research supports the International Agency for Research on Cancer’s (IARC) determination that glyphosate is a Class 2A “probable human carcinogen” – a finding that Monsanto is now trying to get removed. 

Studies have shown that glyphosate may: 

  • Stimulate the growth of human breast cancer cells.

  • Be an endocrine disruptor leading to possible birth defects.

  • Induce oxidative damage and inflammation in the brain leading to dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases.

  • Interfere with the balance of sex hormones.

How does Glyphosate get into the wine?  While glyphosate isn’t sprayed directly on the grapevines, it’s often used to spray the ground between the vines in conventional vineyards, allowing the soil to soak up the contamination which then spreads to the roots and bark of the vines. Ultimately ending up in the leaves and grapes.  This pesticide can remain in the soil for more than 20 years!  Even in some organic vineyards, traces of glyphosate can be found in the wines, although in trace amounts.

How can we find chemical-free and additive-free wine?  At Amazing over 40, we want to reduce exposure to toxins in all parts of our life – including our wine!  That’s why we have partnered with Scout & Cellar, founded by Sarah Shadonix, attorney turned Level III Sommelier.  Their slogan is “clean-crafted wine” meaning the wines are grown naturally without the use of synthetic pesticides, and bottled consciously without added sugars, chemicals or preservatives to modify texture, flavor, color or aroma.  According to Shadonix, “Chemicals belong in a swimming pool…wine should be as natural as possible.”   She personally scouts the world for vineyards that make delicious wine naturally – with no added chemicals, sugars, sulfites or coloring.   Each vineyard is individually chosen by Sarah and then tested at 2 separate facilities to ensure they meet the clean-crafted criteria.  

For more info, please visit: www.Scoutandcellar.com/Amazingover40

Here’s to enjoying healthier, cleaner and delicious wine!

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