“What’s happening to my body?”

I was sitting, speaking to a patient, who was having her annual Well Woman exam and I couldn’t remember if I had asked her certain questions…  

“Any change in your family history?”, I asked, not knowing if I had just already asked this question. “Any new surgeries since our last visit?”  Again, not knowing if I had already asked this question.  My heart started beating fast and sweat beaded on the back of my neck.  A sense of overwhelm crept into my mind. I took some deep breaths and told myself everything would be okay.  

At check-out I realized that it was difficult for me to calculate the cost for her visit and the Vitamin D she was purchasing. Now I was really getting worried… Am I losing my mind?  Why can’t I add simple numbers?  Math used to come to me so easily and now a simple task was becoming a major hurdle..

Let me give you some background.  Usually, I am very methodical with my questions to my patients to allow for the most comprehensive and accurate intake.  On that day, my brain felt like a salt marsh – thick and foggy- without any clear sense of focus or ability to process data.  I felt vulnerable and confused - not my usual confident self.  A sense of anxiety came across me.

“Oh, my gosh”, I said to myself, “What’s happening to me?  What’s happening to my body?  What’s happening to my brain?”  I feared that maybe I was showing early signs of cognitive decline which caused me even more distress given my mother had been diagnosed with dementia 5 years prior.  “No, it must be just because I didn’t sleep well the past few nights.”, I said to myself trying to remain calm while my heart continued to race inside me.

And then I realized what was happening. A few days prior to this office visit, I had received the diagnosis of my breast biopsy from my general surgeon.  “Atypical hyperplasia, precancerous – needs to be removed and hormone therapy needs to be discontinued immediately”, she said.   I listened and followed her recommendation.  I didn’t want to potentially harm myself by staying on my hormones.  And, Who knew? Maybe I didn’t even need them.

Well, it was vividly apparent that I absolutely needed my hormones.  Without them, my ability to process, focus and remember details was severely limited.  In addition, I felt anxious, out of sorts and not my optimistic self.  I realized that I couldn’t live like this – I had spent the past 25+ years building up a wonderfully fulfilling private GYN practice.  I asked myself, “Now do I have to give it all up because of my diagnosis?”

Many of you are familiar with this happening to me after undergoing two surgeries and 4 weeks of radiation therapy for the ultimate diagnosis of  Stage I breast cancer.  I did all of this while remaining on my hormone therapy which I had restarted that evening after feeling overwhelmed in my office.  Within hours of applying my estrogen cream, my brain came back alive.  It was like lighting a fire which had been dampened to embers. There was a flicker still there but needed the wafts of oxygen to reignite.  After a few nights restarting my progesterone, my sleep improved and I began feeling like myself again.   

Now it’s been four years since my diagnosis and I’m incredibly happy to be on my hormones.  Unfortunately, there is a large amount of misinformation regarding the true risks and benefits of bioidentical hormone therapy.  With my years of research, I realized that the benefits of staying on hormone therapy far outweighed the small risk of recurrence.  

I am a fervent advocate for personal decision making with your physician to achieve ultimate health and well-being.  With accurate information about the true risks and benefits, each of us can make the best decisions for ourselves about our health, medications, lifestyle and ultimately – our quality of life.

The time of perimenopause, menopause and after can be a challenging time – believe me - it was for me too!

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-          In health and happiness

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