What’s Happening to My Body?



Every week, women walk into my office wondering, “What’s going on with my body? Why is fat shifting to different areas?  I used to have a flat belly…  And how can I get my body back?”


As we enter our 40’s and 50’s, our bodies begin changing.  Fat shifts from the hips and thighs to the lower belly – also known as the “muffin top”.  Check out my NEW video-training program that explains the reason for this and how to finally get rid of it!



Another major change that occurs is a flatter butt, also known as “flat bum syndrome”.  Did you know that your buttocks, or gluteus maximus, is the biggest muscle in your body?  And that the glute muscles help to protect your lower back, improve balance and reduce injuries


So why is “flat bum syndrome” happening?


There are 2 main reasons:

1) Hormonal Changes:  With fluctuating hormone levels, fat is shifted from the thighs and hips to the lower abdomen. In addition, the buttock muscles, the “glutes”, become weaker and less toned – eventually turning flatter or like a pancake.  

2)  Sedentary Lifestyle CO-VID, anyone?  Sitting hours in front of the computer screen on endless ZOOM calls didn’t help our gluteus muscles one bit. Add the gym closures to this equation and many of us lost the motivation to work out or stay fit. By not needing to wear a dress or suit to go to the office, we became comfortable with sweat pants and leggings, not paying attention to what was happening below our waistlines.  Until one day… we attempted to put on a pair of pants which used to fit nicely – and OMG, the zipper won’t go up! We’ve all been there so you’re not alone!


The good news? You can get your BADASS buttocks back!


Try some of these butt-boosters to get your glute muscles fired up

  • Doing deep lunges
  • Running or walking uphill 
  • Climbing stairs can bring back much needed muscle tone

Yet, the most effective exercise which won out over the hip-thrust exercise, was the classic squat!  Yes, according to sports medicine researchers in Brazil, the squat proved to be the best at building and toning your booty.


Here’s a link to do a correct squat by using your body weight only. 



In health & happiness, 

Dr. Diana


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