Want to join us? Make 2019 the Year for YOU?

It’s a new year – 2019!  The year for you to put yourself first and take care of YOU – and that means in all areas of your health and wellness.  After weeks of holiday madness and indulgences, our bodies need to detox.  Get a tune-up, so to speak, to clear out the accumulated toxins and feel lighter and more vibrant. 


One way to do this is with a Cleanse.  Many of you have already ordered and started the 10-day Clear Change program.  Here are some of the early success stories…and this is just after 3-4 days!!

“ I feel less bloated.”

“ My brain fog is clearing.  I can think more clearly.”

“ OMG.  I lost 5 lbs.  My pants fit again. “

Kudos to all of you who have joined and taken the steps with this program!

As we know, to achieve any goal, including doing a cleanse/detoxification program, we need to remember the 3 “C’s” to success.

  • Courage – The courage to take that step out of your comfort zone.

  • Commitment – The commitment to stay focused and on track.

  • Consistency – The consistency to continue with these new healthy habits to maintain optimal, on-going wellness.

What is a “cleanse”?

For many of us, a “cleanse” congers up bad memories - hunger pains, horrible bowel issues and nasty tasting shakes.  This program does not cause these symptoms because you are still eating healthy foods, getting the needed vitamins and minerals and other support to detoxify safely.

It’s medically proven to support the liver through this detoxification process by providing the body with essential macro nutrients such as quality protein and carbohydrates, plus specific micro nutrients including vitamins and minerals for this needed nutritional support.  This allows our bodies to release toxins while providing us with adequate energy.  What a concept – achieving overall well-being, losing fat --- and with no muscle wasting?

This program allows you to still eat real food, with recommended portion sizes, select recipes and simple and easy-to-make menus.  There’s also a daily guide to keep you focused and on track.

To order this program, go to:



There are 3 steps to this program:

Step 1- Days 1-4 : Initial Clearing of toxins

Step 2- Days 5-7: Metabolic Detoxification

Step 3- Days 8-9: Reintroduction of foods previously eliminated from plan

Day 10 and Beyond: Maintenance

For a full program, e-mail support with tips and recipes, please go to:


If you are taking any medications or supplements, please speak with your healthcare practitioner before making any changes or starting this program.

Let’s use the 3 “C’s” to take control of our health and make 2019 the best year ever!  Please keep sending your success stories our way – we love them! 



 Dr. Diana

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