Want Radiant, Younger-looking Skin?

Looking for a make-up remover that also moisturizes?  Gives you a healthy glow?  And is natural and good for the environment?

At Amazing Over 40, we are striving to find the best products for you – natural, organic, vegan products that are green-friendly. We realize that our skin needs may change as we enter our 40’s.  The amount of collagen and elastin is reduced leading to more fine lines and wrinkles.  The sebaceous glands produce less oil as we age making our skin drier and itchy.  

How can we fight these aging effects on our skin?

By being mindful about the products that we use.  Toxins are all around us - from the foods that we eat, to the air that we breathe to the skin care products that we use every day.

That’s why I love this gift set from Just Pure Essentials.  It’s one of my favorites!  All natural, non-GMO, organic, no animal testing and no parabens.  Even their packaging is eco-friendly!


Includes 4 of Your Favorite Products To Keep
Your Skin Looking Fresh and Alive

Regular Price $112. Now $100.80!

Just Pure Essentials Gift Basket Includes:

1 Bottle of CLEANSE Makeup Remover Cleansing Moisturizing Oil

1 Bottle of BALANCE Clarifying Toning Astringent Moisturizing Oil
1 Bottle of REVIVE Brightening Cleansing Revitalizing Skin Renewal Serum
1 Bottle of SOOTHE- FLEURS After Shower Shave and Bath Oil

Here’s the link to order: 



Give yourself the gift of healthy, vibrant looking skin – knowing you’re helping both the environment and your complexion.


In health and happiness



P.S.  Mother’s Day is just around the corner.  Pick up a gift set for someone special in your life!

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