Tips For a Safe 4th of July!

Usually, the 4th of July brings huge celebrations with family BBQ’s filled with hot dogs and apple pie, and illustrious firework displays commemorating the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  But, I believe that this 4th of July will be much different for many of us – a sign that we are living through an unprecedented pandemic requiring all of us to take heed and be responsible for our health and the health of others.

There will be fewer firework shows, smaller gatherings and less parades.  Where I live in North San Diego, there would usually be at least 3 firework shows in the evening that could be seen from my neighbor’s backyard.  This year, none of them will be happening.

But does this mean we cannot celebrate?  No, we still can, but in a more muted and responsible way.

Here are my 5 tips for a festive (and safe!) 4th of July.

  1. Stay hydrated.  With celebrations come different beverage options.  Be sure to drink an adequate amount of water – at least ½ of your body weight in ounces of water.  If you’ll be doing a hike, jog or other work-out in the morning, make sure to drink even more water to compensate for the loss of water from exercise and sweating.
  2. Watch the alcohol intake.  Yes, we can imbibe and enjoy our favorite cocktails but in moderation.  Check out the Sangria recipe that I included in last year’s 4th of July blog
  3. Choose your calories wisely.  At Amazing Over 40, we want you to be mindful of what we’re putting into our bodies – everyday- including holidays!  Yes, we can have a scoop of potato salad, but also add a few scoops of the fresh fruit salad.  
  4. Take care of our four-legged friends.  Pets and fireworks don’t mix.  Although there may be far less firework displays, it is important to know that loud noises are dangerous for cats and dogs. They may become agitated, panic-stricken, and disoriented.  Please be sure to keep them inside in a safe, secure environment and shut all doors and windows, as well as close the curtains.  Walk and feed your dog/cat well before dark so they will be more relaxed after having exercised and eaten. 
  5. Use common sense – follow the 3 “W’s” -  Wear face masks when appropriate, wash your hands frequently and watch the distance between others.  All of these will decrease the risk of transmission and respect each other’s health.  

I hope with these tips we can all savor and celebrate this amazingly different 4th of July!

In health and happiness,

Dr. Diana

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