“The Ultimate Letting Go” – Mayan Full Moon Ceremony

A few days ago, I had the amazing opportunity to participate in a Mayan Full Moon Ceremony where we acknowledged the power of nature, our psyche, the underworld and the celestial forces. 

Ultimately, per the Mayan ritual, the full moon represents a time of completion – cleansing, releasing and removing what no longer serves you.  This enlightening experience reminded me of one of my favorite blog posts which I shared over 4 years ago, entitled “The Ultimate Letting Go", a life-threatening event on the middle fork of the Salmon River, which for evermore jolted my viewpoint of life and catapulted my effort to create the Amazing over 40 mission, website and community. 


I hope you enjoy the read and that it resonates within you.

What things do you need to release? Let go of? Remove from your surroundings?

Please share with your friends, family and anyone else who might need inspiration and positivity in their lives right now.


In health and happiness,

Dr. Diana

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