The power of self compassion

How do you feel about making changes?  Fearful?  Excited? Overwhelmed?

As you move forward in this New Year, you may have considered making changes in your life., such as:

I’m going to exercise more.

I’m going to be more patient with my partner/ children.

I’m going to lose those 10 - 15 lbs. that I gained with CoViD.

I also have made a list of changes that I would like to make this year.  As you know, I’ve already made a huge transformation by converting my physical GYN office practice to a virtual on-line forum.  I will admit it wasn’t an easy task and at times I felt that I was making the wrong decision and feared that I would fail.

At the end of last year,  I came upon an incredibly helpful Self-Compassion Motivation Break by Kristen Neff, Ph.D., renowned researcher of self-compassion.  This audio session really helped me during this transition - to keep me grounded and confident in my decision and I’d like to share it with you.

It’s about 7 minutes long and discusses how to allow yourself to make changes within the framework of unconditional self-acceptance and mindfulness.  She explores the feelings/thoughts as well as the bodily sensations associated with making changes.  I liked the positive self-talk and encouraging words she offered.

Here’s the link for you to listen-

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