The Power of Community - Why I’m creating an Amazing over 40 Membership

 "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."
– Helen Keller 

A few months ago I was invited into a Mastermind Group - I had heard of these before but never really took the time to explore them or sign up for one.  Wow, was I in for quite a surprise!  I couldn’t believe the individual and group energy, the emotions shared and the deep connections made over the past 12 weeks!  It has been an  eye-opening revelation of the power of a group of women with common goals - to be happier, healthier and more financially independent.

Napoleon Hill, the famous author of the Think and Grow Rich, also first introduced the term, “master mind” stating it  is the pooling of intellectual, intuitive and creative mental resources, which occurs when two or more people enter a supportive pact to assist one another’s aims. Per Hill,  A Mastermind group multiplies the mental powers of all its participants and is the “secret ingredient” to lasting success.

How true is that?!

By authentically -meaning being honest and vulnerable-  participating in this group of 7 women, I have learned the critical aspects which make a mastermind really flourish and foster life-lasting connections.  All of us come from all different backgrounds, different career paths, different ages and different experiences.  Within this setting, these various traits seemed to blend, simmer and create an incredible potpourri of joy and success!

7 Magic Keys to a Mastermind Group

Clarity - clear goals need to be relevant, set with a definitive time frame,and  specific measurable parameters.  With a clear and focussed plan, a unified culture is created towards reaching a common goal.

Communication - each of us has a different communication style: analytical, functional, intuitive and personal.  These communication styles create synergy - meaning  1+1 = 2, but with effective communication, synergy makes “1+ 1 = 3” , achieving bigger and greater goals.

Connection - we all share similar life challenges - trying to look and feel our best, controlling the muffin top, keeping our brain sharp and focused among many others!.  When we share these same concerns, a deep connection occurs which makes each individual want to participate and join in.

This also has incredible health benefits - please see my blog post re. Oxytocin,

Accountability - After I’ve shared one of my goals with the group, I was then accountable to acting on it.   By yourself, it’s easy to make excuses why something wasn’t completed on time or simply forgotten and left to the wayside. Within a group, you are accountable - there’s no hiding your head in the sand or deferring to the next person if you didn’t do it.  Let me say this is done in a compassionate way, not blameful or condemning..

Consistency - meetings are every 2 weeks, same time and same Zoom space.  This keeps all of us on a set schedule, provides comfort and time to schedule in your calendar and creates momentum to keep moving forward.

Collaboration -  a sense of security that your vulnerability and honesty will not be betrayed,  It is a confidential setting where trust is key to sharing.  Engaging in each other’s dreams and goals makes everything seem so much more feasible and attainable.

Celebration - what good would it be if we did something amazing only to have no one notice it?  Pretty heart-breaking, right?  Well here we celebrate each other’s achievements - stepping out of your comfort zone, asking others for help and feeling confident within your own skin.

Don’t you want to join a mastermind group now? 

This is the reason for my development of an Amazing over 40 Membership community - a type of mastermind group with different levels- ranging  from basic, larger group meetings to more intimate, individually focussed groups which are long-lasting, depending on the time you’d like to commit - from 6 months to many years of connection.  With over 25 + years of guiding women through life’s challenges, I have developed the skills and resources to help women achieve their dreams - physical, mental and spiritual.  I don’t believe it is a passing idea, but rather a  necessity of our times - It’s now or never, baby!


Please share your thoughts about what you would like to see in this amazing over 40 membership.

(These will not be shared publicly unless you would like them to be.)

  • What would make you want to sign up?
  • What would make you NOT want to sign up?
  • What would you want to get from being in this group?
  • What type of transformation are you looking for?

Let’s grow together, foster each others’ dreams and create a community of inclusion, acceptance and compassion.  As women, especially together, we can do anything we set our minds on!


- In health and happiness


  • Sure I would like to subscribe if it meets my availability 😊

    Isabel Hernandez
  • Does it have any cost to subscribe?

    Isabel Hernandez

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