Spring Cleaning – More than just de-cluttering…

Last week, we shared a Karmic Cleanse – clearing out your brain and creating the right mindset for Spring Cleaning.  Now that you’re all set from a mental standpoint, let’s talk about how de-cluttering helps from a physical standpoint and overall well-being.   Who knew cleaning could be so restorative? 

6 Benefits of De-cluttering

1.    Living with less promotes relaxation.  It’s simple - the less “stuff” we have, the less we need to “worry” about.  Simply put, “less is more” when it comes to inner peace.  Here’s a great article from the NY Times by Graham Hill regarding living with less. 

2.    Opens space for new potential. De-cluttering promotes your creative side.  By ridding yourself of old energy, new open spaces are created, both in your mind and your home.  Watch out - your creative tendencies will flourish.  Painting anyone?


3.    De-cluttering sharpens your mind.  With less “stuff” to distract you, your mind will be laser-focused on achieving your goals.

4.    Increases productivity by elevating your mind to a higher level.  Rather than focusing on all the piles of “stuff” in your house and operating on a lower frequency, you’ll enter a new level of insight and intellect – operating at a higher frequency.


5.    Helps others in need.  Ever heard, “one person’s junk is another person’s treasure?”  Well, it’s true.  By clearing out your closets of unnecessary clothes and shoes, you will be helping others in need. Don’t know where to donate?  Here’s a link from Miss Minimalist with 101 places to donate!


6.    Improves your health. – Yes!  Cleaning out those old sheets and towels removes harmful allergens from your environment, so less allergic reactions.  Say good-bye to sneezing and runny noses.  Plus, your sense of well-being and mood will be improved from the increased levels of oxytocin, known as the bonding hormone, your brain will be releasing into your bloodstream.

There you go!  Spring cleaning and de-cluttering are calling your name.  Bring it on!

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