Following my own orders for taking a well deserved vacation!

Dr. Diana is having an AMAZING time in South Africa.

Here are some of her favorite pics!

 South Africa Safari Cheetah Dr. Diana  

Leopard, truly an AMAZING animal!

Lion tired after hunting last night Dr. Diana South Africa trip Safari

Lion sunning self. Tired after hunting last night.

Zebra South Africa safari Dr. Diana Hoppe

Stunning Zebras!

Hippos Safari South Africa Dr. Diana Hoppe

Check out the hippos splashing in their swimming pool!

Victoria Falls is one of the seven wonders of the world bordering both Zambia and Zimbabwe. It's impressive cascading waters are approximately double that of Niagara Falls. Truly breathtaking!!

More rhinos today!

Rhino footprint!

Following my own orders for taking a well deserved vacation! Hope you are enjoying pics as much as I am!

In health and happiness,
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  • Hi Dr. Diana. Did you know that Rhinos sleep front to back like that as a protection against lions and such? Great that you are heading to Italy. One of my favorite European places. I am leading a photo trip to Madagascar September 30-October 17. I would love to hear what you do in Italy. Also if you want, check out:

    Nicki Geigert

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