Revisiting Your Goals

Can you believe it? Half the year has already gone by! Crazy, right?

No worries. At Amazing Over 40, we’ve got your back.

Remember those New Year’s resolutions that you made 6 months ago? How many have you accomplished? How many still need to be done?

There is good news though- we still have 6 more months in the year to achieve them.

Rather than berating yourself, let’s refocus on some key points. In January, I clarified the 3 “C’s” to achieving your goals. We then added a 4th “C” a few months later.

Here they are for your review:

Courage – Take the first step.

Commitment – Stay on track and don’t waiver.

Consistency - Maintain your results by making daily habits.


Compassion – Be kind to yourself during these times of change.

Now, write down your top 3 goals in your journal or on a piece of paper. Then, write down the roadblocks stopping you from reaching them and how you’re going to overcome them.

What are some of the roadblocks that you might encounter? How can you guide yourself past these potential obstacles? Keep in mind some solutions are more simple than you think! 

Are you in?

Great! Take that piece of paper and put it on your refrigerator, your bathroom mirror or on the front seat of your car – or anywhere where you will “see” it every day. Remember that you can do anything you set your mind to! 

Let go of all the excuses and just “DO IT”.  

Here’s to living life to its fullest in the months ahead!

-Dr. Diana

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