Retire the resolutions -  write a letter to yourself!

Happy New Year to all of the Amazing over 40 community!  Wow, it’s 2023 - how do you want to look and feel about yourself this upcoming year?

Instead of making a list of New Year’s resolutions which have proven not to work, let’s change it up and write a letter to ourselves!  Yes, a letter!  Crazy right?


Well, this has been one of my favorite exercises over the years to do, retiring out the previous year and welcoming in the new one!  I like to keep the letters each year and see the growth over time.  It keeps me inspired and focussed - and amazed at what I’ve accomplished. 

I’m sharing this incredible New Year Exercise: Saying Goodbye and Envisioning, created by my amazing life and business coach, Roni McGuire.  She is the founder of Shineonandglow, a website devoted to helping female entrepreneurs reach their ultimate dreams in life.   I’ve added a few parts so it’s focussed on life, but also targets your health and happiness.

Writing a letter to yourself is a powerful way to address your fears and lead a courageous, fulfilling and amazing life.


Shine on and Glow with Roni

New Year Exercise: Saying Goodbye & Envisioning

Section I:

Write a letter saying goodbye to your 2022 self. Reflect on and acknowledge the hard things and celebrate your accomplishments. Sit with it for a while, let all the emotions bubble up and release. 

What are some of the hard things that you went through in 2022?




What are some of the things that you want to let go of?  What are some things that are holding you back? ( ex. Toxic relationships, false beliefs about yourself)




Now give your 2022 self so much love, and officially release the old chapter, with its accomplishments, as well as beliefs and barriers that are holding you back. 

Step Into and embrace your 2023 self now by doing section II.

Section II. Envisioning Your Life and Your Health 

( Set aside 20-30 minutes, quiet your mind and sit down with a pen and paper.)

Take a moment to imagine that you're 90 years old and are sitting in your rocking chair and looking back over your IDEAL life. You are happy and healthy and your life succeeded beyond your wildest dreams. Then, simply answer the questions below.

  1. What is it about you that people value? What do you value about yourself?

  1. What have you achieved in your life?   What are you proud of? How has your life added meaning to your family, friends & community? What has given you a sense of fulfillment?  

  1. What difference have you made in people's lives? In your community? In the world? 

  1. What are the best parts of your life? 

  1. What  goals and dreams have you achieved?   What can you see around you?  What are you hearing? What can you feel

  1. What actions can you take in 2023 to start living as that person now?

The more specific and detailed the better to really immerse yourself in who you want to become in 2023!


Final Tip: The complete picture may not magically arrive, just put pen to paper NOW and write – see what happens!

Keep this letter near you so you can review over this upcoming year - you’ll be amazed at what you’ve accomplished and how much better you feel!

For more information about Roni and her website, please visit:

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- In health and happiness

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