Natural Evolution - Transitioning Together to Telemedicine!

You may already know, but if you don’t - I’ll be transitioning to Telemedicine at the end of this year.  By December 31, 2022, my office will be completely “virtual”.  Over the past 28 years of clinical practice , I’ve been privileged to take care of all of you at my office in Encinitas.  You may notice that many of your healthcare providers are adding/keeping telemedicine in their practices. Now is the time for change  -  it’s a positive addition for so many patients, evolving from the pandemic.  

Dr. Diana Hoppe, OBJYN Telehealth Telemedicine

A Reflection On Embracing Change…. 

For those of you who follow my journey you know about my cancer diagnosis in 2018 and my mother’s relentless battle with dementia and ultimate passing in 2021.  I know many of you have faced similar challenges with your health and families. I am now practicing what I preach, and letting these experiences, and my intuition guide me. 

Both of these experiences had a huge impact on me, giving me the gift of a new perspective on life and its meaning.  Life is short and you must appreciate each and every day that you are given.  We may not know what tomorrow brings but we can do our best to live each day to the fullest with purpose- being amazing along the way! 

As I turn 60 this November, I’m looking forward to celebrating with all of you,  ( in the next 1- 2 weeks, you will be receiving an invitation to my Birthday party - SAVE THE DATE - November 11, 2022.), and continuing to serve you all as your telehealth physician. 

Dr. Diana Hoppe Telehealth Telemedicine

I will continue to be accessible to you for follow up visits/consultations, hormone therapy/refills, anxiety/depression treatment, blood work order/evaluation, Mammo/ Dexa scan requests as well as many other services.

Dr. Recommendations: 

Of course, at times you will need an in person visit. Since I will not be able to perform physical exams, and Pap smears, within a virtual realm, I wanted to provide you with some names of physicians whom I trust.


1. Dr. Linda Olafson, Integrative and Family Practice Physician in private practice, out -of-network.

Address:  317 N. El Camino Real, Suite 402, Encinitas, Ca. 92024

Phone : (760) 944-2986


2.  Dr. Michelle Gerber and Dr. Tricia Rambur - My previous colleagues in my group practice.  Both are Ob/Gyns and are affiliated with Scripps Health Care.

Address:  320 Santa Fe Drive, Suite 300, Encinitas , Ca. 92024

Phone: ( 760) 901-5200


3.  Dr. Amy Witman, Internal Medicine/Concierge  Physician , private practice.

Address: 12395 El Camino Real, Suite 115, S.D. Ca, 92130

Phone: (858) 724-1313

Your primary care physician, PA or NP will also be able to perform physical exams, do breast evaluations and Pap smears.

I look forward to  embarking on this next journey of ultimate health and wellness with you!


- In health and happiness

P.S.  I look forward to seeing you in person on the next Amazing Over 40 Retreat  - in May, 2023 to Sardinia, Italy - Being Amazing in the Blue Zones.  Stay tuned!

Dr. Diana Hoppe Italy Trip Retreat


  • Melissa, yes, same phone number: 760-635-5600.

    Thank you for the comment!

    Dr. Diana
  • For a telehealth visit, will you be available at the same phone number?

    Melissa Meyer

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