Minimizing Stress BEFORE Your Vacation?

Ever taken a vacation only to feel totally stressed-out before you leave? Cramming too many things to get done before you leave? And then dreading the huge pile of things to address when you get back? Sound familiar? 

Well, you’re not alone! According to recent surveys, 40% of men, and 46% of women said that just thinking about the “mountain of work” they’d return to was the major reason for NOT taking a vacation. 

What about some of the other stressors? 

What you forgot to pack?

Finishing the endless list of “to-do” items that have to be done before?  

Financial stress? For those business owners like me, financial stressors are quite real. Time out of the office = time without pay, since I won’t be seeing patients during my vacation. Plus, I’ll be spending money on my vacation – a double whammy! I have to remind myself that things will be ok and to breathe.

For many of us, these stressors can reach huge heights leading to contracting a cold or flu BEFORE our vacations! Think about it – we deserve a vacation but can’t enjoy it because we’re coughing, feeling achy and miserable through those first few days. Sounds crazy, right??

Tips to Decrease Stress BEFORE your vacation: 

To help minimize my stress before taking time off, I have learned the following tips, which I’d like to share with you. Some of these might be feasible for you, some may not. Do the best you can with them knowing that the bottom line is to RELAX and ENJOY your vacation.

1. Prepare.   

A) This means packing your bag at least one week before you leave – this ensures valuable items won’t be forgotten.  

B) Make a list of things that can be cancelled while you’re gone – this includes mail service and newspaper deliveries.

C) Coordinate pet sitters or other helpers at least 3-4 weeks before you leave. This gives plenty of time for their schedules to book out.

2. Communicate.

Send out word via email that you will be out of the office and won’t be able to communicate during this time. Inform them when you’ll be returning and give yourself a day to catch up upon your return (if possible) to go through emails and respond.

3. Set Intention For Your Vacation.

Do you want to relax? Feel completely present? Joyful and deserving of your time off? Then set this intention. If you’re like me, I work hard but I can also play hard. Focus on having fun and enjoying yourself without guilt!

4. Unplug from technology.

If possible, leave your laptop at home and simply take your phone for emergency contacts. If I take my laptop I find myself checking emails, and responding to requests on my vacation days. If I don’t bring it and follow tip #2, I can relax knowing that people are aware that I’m out of the office on vacation. I do bring my phone so I can check-in briefly with my office staff on business days as well as have access to making videos while I’m sightseeing and visiting with family.

We all deserve a vacation! I hope that these tips help you feel and stay AMAZING during your next vacation! Please share some of your stressors and tips on how you’ve reduced your stress before vacation. 

In health and happiness,

  • Dr. Diana

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