Menopause: “There’s HOPE in HOPPE”

Recently, a patient came into my office with a depressed look on her face. She was terrified that she might be going through menopause having heard horror stories from her friends and fearful statements regarding hormone therapy from her previous doctor. Once I provided her with accurate information from what the studies actually showed to lifestyle changes, and medical therapies available to the true pros and cons, her face lit up and she smiled! 

Menopause, and the time before, also known as perimenopause, does not need to be a time of “drying up”, feeling depressed and no longer feeling like a “real woman.” For many women, this time of life can be the opening to an entire new chapter in their lives – a chapter where now they can focus on themselves, their health, their desires and find their purpose in life.

As women, we often put ourselves last, placing everyone else’s needs in front of our own. How about if we changed our mindset and started putting ourselves first? Finally taking control of our health and finding the right provider to guide us during this transition? What a concept, right?!

I’m here to tell you that there is hope and changing your mindset is the first step.

I’m drying up- my vagina feels like the Sahara desert.

There are many options for treatment of vaginal dryness – check out my blog for more info. There’s no need to give up sex during this time or after 

I can’t remember anything – I have brain fog. Time to speak with a provider well-versed in various non-hormonal and hormonal therapies to get your brain back in tip-top shape.

I’ve lost my mojo. Sex drive can fluctuate during this time and may decrease – but there are many ways to re-ignite the fire. See my book for more info.

Why do I have a muffin top? As we age, our metabolism slows down making it harder to maintain our weight, much less lose weight. Find ways to cut calories, enjoy working out and spend time with friends who make healthy food choices.

I’m irritable and depressed. Lifestyle changes such as exercise, organic foods, self-care and adequate sleep help with these symptoms, as well as many others.

As one of my patients so wisely pointed out to me, there’s HOPE in HOPPE… I thought it was a pretty cool thing to share with you!

If you'd like to learn more about the health benefits of positive thinking and find some tips on how to get you through these changes, please head here

  • In health and happiness, - Dr. Diana

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