Is Telemedicine For Me?

Telemedicine is no longer something for the distant future – it is here now and expanding rapidly. We are excited to announce that we are now adding telemedicine to my GYN practice!

I understand that you may feel mixed emotions about this addition.  Because of the events over the past 2 years, more and more patients are using telehealth to cover their healthcare needs.  According to a recent study, over ½ of Gen X, Millenials and Gen Z’s have used telehealth in 2021 and are continuing with it in 2022.  Baby boomers, like me, have tended to be less likely to have used telemedicine in the past yet are becoming more receptive to this new model of delivering care.

I realize that some of you may gravitate to it as it will save time in travel to and from the office since these appointments will be done via Zoom.  For those of you who prefer in-office appointments, these will still be available until mid-Dec 2022. 

How will telemedicine benefit you?

  1.       More convenient/les travel time.  No more fighting traffic, getting lost or hunting for an open parking space, with telehealth you can be in the comfort of your own home.   You’ll also save on the money not spent on gas which has reached record high prices as of late.


  1.       Increased access to care. Many specialists perform telehealth – what once might have been a complex navigation to the specialist located far away from you - now requires scheduling a tele-visit with the provider.  With the ability of video conferencing, your doctor may also be to consult with you and other specialists simultaneously.  


  1.       Better communication/ More open environment.  Some of you might get anxious just thinking about coming in for an appointment, much less coming into the office for evaluation.  By having a more comfortable and secure mode of communication, some of your fears may be alleviated.

I hope you are ready to embrace telemedicine and all of its benefits with me! 

Please share with me any of your concerns or questions.  

-          In health and happiness

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