Feeling Annoyed? Do a Karmic Cleanse!

The other day I was feeling irritable and really annoyed. Nothing particular had happened to throw me into this funk but it seemed like every little thing ticked me off. The person ahead in line at the grocery store who was in the Express Lane with 12 items, the bank teller who wasn’t working fast enough and chatting with a patron, and the ever-growing traffic heading home from work. Why all the traffic? 

What was with me? I started wondering why I felt this way. Then it clicked – I needed to do a Karmic Cleanse. I needed to get myself out of my self-induced funk and start seeing the world in a new light. It was my mindset that needed a shift NOT all the other people around me.

First a little background…what is karma?

Karma is a Sanskrit word that refers to the cycle of cause and effect, meaning every action that we take in life affects others at some point in the future. This rule also applies to our thoughts and words.

According to Dina Strada, a freelance writer for the Chopra Center, the universe will bring back whatever acts that we have committed or feelings that we have caused in others. This karmic “boomerang” teaches us to be more compassionate and think before acting.

Rather than getting frustrated with the woman in front of me in the grocery line, or the teller who spending too much chatting it up with her customer– maybe I needed a shift in what I was thinking and projecting outward.

What a concept, right? Once I started implementing the 5 Tips below, my breathing became calmer, my chest felt less tight and I was actually smiling enjoying the little things in life again! 

 5 Steps to Giving Yourself a Karmic Cleanse!

  • Be Grateful:for every experience, both good and bad.
  • Act with love:towards everyone (and yourself) and others.
  • Check your motives:make sure that they are coming from a place of love for self and others.
  • Watch your attitude:Negative thoughts can create hostile energy directed at you and others.
  • Forgive *:I think this is the most important!!  It can be the hardest of all the steps, but it is so critical in creating great karma for you and others.

*Let me be clear about forgiveness – this does not mean you are forgiving someone for a wrongful act that they may have done or excusing them of their behavior.  By forgiving, you are forgiving yourself from holding onto any negative connection with the situation.

For more info on forgiveness, go to:  www.psychologytoday.com

Are you up for a Karmic Cleanse? 

What tips do YOU use to change your mindset when you’re feeling irritable?

In health and happiness,

Dr. Diana

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