Exercise: 3 Tips to Stay Motivated!

Recently, I was discussing with a patient about how hard it is to stay motivated to exercise when we can find so many reasons why we can’t. “COVID… I don’t have time… The gyms are closed…" Sound familiar? Well, let me share my 3 tips on how I stay motivated.

1. Set realistic goals – Doesn’t it always seem harder to get into shape than get out of shape?? Recently, I found myself struggling to hike up a hill that I previously could scale without a problem. Now, I find myself breathing harder and talking to myself to take one step at a time. Remember - You can’t get in tip-top shape overnight. It takes consistency and persistence. Start by making a plan to walk 15-20 min/day, then add weight-training and stretching so that you are doing cardio 3-4 x/week for approximately 45 min with 2 days of stretching and weight-training. You’ll get there – just be patient with yourself!

2. Have it on your schedule. By having a set time to exercise in your weekly calendar, you are much more likely to stick with it. I have a weekly tennis drill with my favorite coach, Tole Marinkovic, every Tuesday from 2:15 – 4:15 for the last 20 years! You’d think that my tennis game would be like Serena’s but it’s not --- but I do try! The first hour with Tole is a private drill lesson and the second is a double’s drill with a friend of mine. It’s my Tuesday Tole Therapy!!

3. Get a work-out buddy. On Wednesday and Fridays, I have a hiking buddy, Kimberly, who keeps me accountable. I can’t sleep in or find excuses on these set days. I get myself out of the warm sheets of my bed and change into my work-out gear. Then I’m ready to rock and roll at 7:15 am when we leave for our hike – Double Peak, Torrey Pines, Batiquitos Lagoon to name a few. And it feels so much better after we’re done.

Share some of your tips with us – Let’s get moving!!

In health and happiness,

Dr. Diana

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