Empowerment Through Authentic Community

As life unfolds, so do its demands—filled with many responsibilities, from caring for aging parents to guiding high school children through college applications. Amid these demands, our thoughts often wander through the corridors of "What Ifs?" What if we took another viewpoint and reflected on this more deeply. 

This reflection was sparked by a realization that's been with me for years, as I walked alongside my mother's journey through dementia. It inspired me to examine my life more closely and ask some serious questions:

  • Are you embracing life to the fullest?
  • What truly sparks your joy?
  • Are your fears holding you back?

I took a moment to jot down my thoughts and discovered some eye-opening revelations about myself—like dreams I've wanted to chase, or even those wild ones that seem too out-of-reach. And guess what? I totally recommend you give it a shot too!


Empowering Through Community Beyond 40

As the founder of Amazing over 40, it is my mission and passion to help you in all areas of your life - mental, physical, spiritual and financial…Yes, financial!  Reflecting upon my past, I realized how much financial strains have negatively impacted my health and well-being.  This has sparked my curiosity about how I can help you become more financially literate - understanding how taxes work, ways to navigate my investments and the foundation of creating and preserving future wealth. 


Your Path to Connection and Empowerment

Imagine being part of a community where every experience is a stepping stone toward connection and empowerment. As we reveal the Amazing Over 40 Membership, I welcome you to an empowering journey. This isn't just about joining; it's about embracing unbreakable bonds, nurturing growth, and thriving together.

Secure your spot on the Waitlist today.

Come join me for this inspiring event, “Women and Wealth Networking Event” tomorrow, on Friday, August 18th in Carlsbad from 6-8 pm.
Let’s get into the right mindset to start shifting our financial health.It’s by invitation only! 

Please click here to join the guest list here I’ll send you all of the info!


- In health and happiness

P.S. Curious about the magic behind the Amazing Over 40 Membership and the Power of Community? Tune in to our Instagram Live event at 5 pm PST.

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