Don’t Skip Breakfast – Not Eating May Increase Risk For Heart Disease

According to a recent study, evaluating the effect of eating breakfast vs. skipping breakfast showed that those who did not eat breakfast had an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. After reviewing the study more closely, I realized that they didn’t investigate exactly what they ate for breakfast and that they didn’t control for other factors such as amount of exercise, stress reduction, etc. As we know, these are critical in regards to risk of heart attack and stroke.


The reason I bring this to your attention – always take a study with a grain of salt. Not always is the headline the complete truth of the matter. We all know that some people require a healthy breakfast to start their day, while others may skip breakfast and thrive with intermittent fasting.

What’s most important is what works for you! As a physician, I realize that we are all unique and not “one size fits all”. Find out whether eating breakfast (and what type) best fuels your morning or whether you’re better off with a later start.

You know your body’s needs – learn to follow them!

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