Dare to Be Brave

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”
- Victor E. Frankl

I love Victor Frankl’s quote – even in the harshest and most dire of circumstances, being a prisoner in a Nazi Concentration camp in 1940’s he found a way to make the dirty gray soup served for meals as a positive event. This image of suffering in a concentration camp was recently reawakened in me as I gave the eulogy at my mother’s Celebration of Life Ceremony where I shared that her father, my grandfather, died in a concentration camp.

Do you ever let your circumstances define you? Feel like you’re overwhelmed and just want to surrender to the battle? Many of us may feel this way, especially when life throws us curve balls from all angles, feeling like everything is erupting at once with the perfect storm hovering in the near horizon.

As a Buddhist proverb states, “Ten thousand joys and ten thousand sorrows make for a meaningful life.”

As we age and become wiser entering our 40’s and 50’s, we experience many joys as well as many sorrows. From the elation of seeing a child being born to launching a teenager to the first day of college, to the devastating sorrow of losing an elderly parent or sibling. This truly is the circle of life. Yet, I often wonder how do we maintain a sense of balance and comfort during these challenging times?

I believe the key is our mindset. The mindset to react calmly to whatever is thrown our way and realize those things that we can control as well as those things for which we have NO control over. The choice is ours. Do we have self-compassion and empathy towards ourselves and others or fall into the pits of self-sabotage and disdain?

Like my mother, I haven’t let adversity govern me or my attitude. Even after facing Breast Cancer in 2018, undergoing 2 surgeries followed by radiation therapy, I became even stronger and more determined to live my life to the fullest. I wasn’t going to let anything – and I mean anything- catapult me into a downward spiral of fear and hopelessness. Now, over 3 years since my diagnosis, I have more confidence and belief in myself and others – knowing that the Amazing Over 40 Community will be an international sanctuary for women where they can feel connection, compassion, and knowledge with a bunch of FUN thrown in too!

Times may be tough right now – growing pandemic, hormonal fluctuations, anxiety, and possible fear of the future. But remember that we are all in this together. You have loyal companions by your side, who are searching for the same things you want – to get yourself back again, feel alive and see a bright future ahead. With our communal strength, creativity, and determination - we can achieve whatever we dream to be and do.

Please share this post with your friends and family to inspire them to start living life with the mindset that anything is possible.

In health and happiness,
Dr. Diana


  • Love you and your messages!!!

    Kathie Rosvall
  • Super!!! Love this message!!!

    Kathie Rosvall
  • I just love you! I’m grateful to be a patient. Sending my deepest condolences. You are strong and smart and have an amazing energy. You light up the room!

    Brandee Remnek
  • Hi, Dr. Hoppe! Your commentary is always positive. I’m sure it feeds into a desire to be optimistic that nearly everyone has. Perhaps it can/does tilt the hesitant toward more optimism in their daily lives. I join you in making the choice to be AN OPTIMIST! Onward & upward!

    Lois J Pinch

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