Caregiver Stress & My Interview With Jacqui Clark

care·​giv·​er | \ ˈker-ˌgi-vər  \
plural caregivers

Definition of caregivera person who provides direct care (as for children, elderly people, or the chronically ill) – Merriam-Webster

How many of you AMAZING OVER 40 women are caregivers?  Probably all of you! 

That’s why this week’s short blog post and link to my recent interview video are so important!!

I really could have used this expert advice when I was struggling to find the best place for my ailing mother.  If only, I had met Jacqui Clark earlier!  It was in January 2018 when my mother fell physically ill and I needed to move her from Mammoth Lakes to San Diego.  For years, she had declining mental capabilities but now she needed to be moved from her house to a new place that could best take care of her.  Eventually, we found a wonderful Board & Care Facility close to where I live.  To be completely honest -  it was not an easy task.  That’s why I’m so happy to share this information with you!

Please click HERE to join me as I interview, an AMAZING guest, certified senior advisor, Jacqui Clark. 

Please share with friends and family – we need to stay as connected as possible during these times, even if it means “virtually”.

Happy Holidays to all!

In health and happiness, 

Dr. Diana

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