Can You Change Your Destiny?

Let’s Start Some Positive Self-Talk!

 Dr. Diana Hoppe

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”
― Gandhi

Do you agree?  Do you believe that your thoughts and beliefs actually become your destiny?  Well, if you do - there’s great news for you!  We can change our thoughts, our beliefs and our destiny by rewiring our brains.  It’s called neuroplasticity - the ability of our brains to form new pathways, changing our futures and our lives.  Think about some of the habits that are woven into your life that we don’t even realize- like going to the same grocery store, or particular coffee shop.  Eventually, these become automatic that you’re not even thinking of where you’re going. It’s like you’re on auto-pilot and your body/mind are just going through the motions. What if you became more mindful, choosing a new spot or venturing out to new places? 

Can we actually “rewire” our brains? 

YES we can!  By being mindful of our beliefs, our thoughts, and our words we can change our destiny.  These hold far more power than we can imagine.  As Gandhi says in his quote, these ultimately become our destiny.  

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Imagine if you started “talking” to yourself in a more positive, kind manner and  stopped the negative self-talk. Take a moment to think about this. How do you “talk” to yourself?  What are some of your negative beliefs?  It’s amazing, but many of us speak to ourselves in a very negative tone fueling the fire. 

Some examples of negative self-talk include:

  • I don’t like my body – I dread looking in the mirror. 
  • I’m always late -  I never have enough time.
  • I feel so old - my joints ache and I have less energy.

Well, scientists have found that if you change your self-talk and the reverberating thoughts in your head, you can change your behavior and your LIFE!

Let’s take the above statements and change them to positive affirmations.

  • I love and accept my body.  My body is my palace.
  • I arrive at appointments on time and feel at ease.
  • I’m aging gracefully, moving my body and stretching everyday.
  • There is HOPE!

Dr. Diana Hoppe blog

What a difference, right?

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Feel free to share with your friends and family.  I like to print them on a sheet of colored paper , then laminate them and finally cut them into separate cards - placing them in my home office,  my car, and anywhere else where I will see them everyday.  

I’m confident that this magical deck of cards will bring you much needed hope, health and yes - new destiny for the upcoming year ahead!

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- In health and happiness

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