Be Bolder, Not Older

This year has been a challenge for all of us!  Not only living through 2 years of CO-VID, but also the other health and life challenges that we all have faced.  This November will be an extra challenging time for me as I will be celebrating turning 60 years old!   Sixty?!! What?  You’ve got to be kidding?  When did this all happen?  Where have the past 20 years gone? Many of you might be asking the exact same questions upon your birthdays…

The average life expectancy for an American woman is approximately 82 years of age.  So, if I’m turning 60, that means that I’ve lived ¾ of my life already – not a real joyful thought. But I still have another 20+ years to live, right?

After hearing all of the common sayings, “Sixty is the NEW Forty”, “You’re only as old as you feel.”, “Age is just a number.” I still felt a bit dismayed at this new decade of life that I was approaching.

I realized that I had 2 options.

1)      Become sullen and morose while burying my head in the sand – denying the reality of the situation which is inevitable.


2)      Change my attitude and start celebrating this upcoming year of life for all it has to offer!

I am growing BOLDER, not older.  One of my patients who turned 60 said that this was one of the best years of her life because she made a challenge to herself to try 60 NEW things! Now is that not a BOLD statement?!   Maybe it’s trying a new restaurant, changing some of the colors in your wardrobe, taking a new art class, etc.  You’ve got plenty of options with 60, right?

This idea of finding 60 NEW things really resonated with me and I started to feel less dread and more hope.  Yes, I am amazing over 40 and now I’ll be amazing over 60!!

Wow, what a change in mindset can do to accepting some of the challenges in our lives.

I’m now working on my list of 60 NEW things I’m going to do when I turn 60. The list of possibilities is endless!  One travel adventure that I’ve already booked will be going on safari in Africa, visiting Zimbabwe and Botswana in early June.  It should be an AMAZING experience!

What NEW things are you going to do this year?  BTW- You don’t have to turn 60 to start the list!  Just grab a journal and start jotting down the things/people/trips/etc. that you light you up.

Please share in the comments below and add to our list of incredible possibilities!

In health and happiness,

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  • I just celebrated my 65th birthday earlier this week and am so inspired! I will start my list of 65 new things to try and near the top are: get a tattoo and take a solo trip!! Enjoy your day, Ellie

    Ellie Watkins

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