Are you “bikini ready”?

Are you “bikini ready”?

Summer is right around the corner…Are you feeling great, or do you need help??

Well, no worries.  We are here for you!!

We all know that shedding those unwanted winter pounds can be easier with a healthy diet, exercise program, and sound sleep regimen. But did you know that our fat cells and toxins also play a major role in weight loss?  

Our fat cells enlarge to “enrobe” toxins  (from our diet and environment) and store them away from the bloodstream.  Thus, a detoxification process is imperative for actual weight loss. This is because our fat cells need to release these toxins to eliminate them- ultimately shrinking the fat cells and achieving real weight loss!

So, do you want to kick-it-up a notch?

At my office in San Diego, we have a Special on our Ultra-Burn B-complex injections.  These are called “lipotropic” because they contain L-Carnitine, an amino acid essential in burning abdominal fat.  The shot also includes other critical components for weight loss like – Methionine, Inositol and Choline –which all work to help our livers detox the harmful toxins from our bodies. Our livers need all of the help they can get! 

Starting TODAY, we will be offering an Ultra-Burn B-Special, 6 injections for the price of 5 - a savings of $45!

We recommend weekly injections to promote detox, increased energy, boosted immune function, improved hormonal balance… and so much more!

Catch you on the beach!

In health and happiness,

Dr. Diana

P.S. Mention this special to a friend and you’ll get an additional injection for free when they sign up for their 6-week series! 🎉

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  • Is there any side effects to these injections?? Is there any Vit B in the coctail? I had a bad reaction a few months ago to glutathione/Vit B injections.

    Ronnie Aguilera

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