Are You Being Listened To?

Have you ever left a doctor’s appointment in tears because you felt you weren't seen or heard? Feeling frustrated that no one is helping you?  You’ve tried everything but nothing is working?

Well, I’ve heard these complaints and more, from new patients coming to my office after being dismissed by their former physicians.  They express frustration and a sense of hopelessness.  Luckily, after truly hearing their concerns and formulating a plan based on lifestyle changes, possible hormone therapy or other medications, we work as a team to brighten their future – both mentally and physically.

Given that most conventional doctor appointments last only 7-15 minutes, it’s crucial to use this time as efficiently as possible.  
Here are some tips that will help make the most of your office visit with your doctor.

Be prepared. 

If you are a new patient, bring a list of your current medications, your previous surgeries and medical history.  This will save a huge amount of time, as your doctor will be able to review these rather than asking each of these questions separately. 

Bring a list of your questions and concerns - be honest!

If there is a specific concern, list how long it’s been occurring.  For instance, if you’re having pelvic pain, such things as how long it has been going on, what triggers the pain, what helps it, and what have you done thus far to deal with it such as pelvic ultrasound or other reports.

View yourself and your physicians as partners in your overall health and well-being. 

Communicate openly and freely.

For many of my patients, this last tip is very difficult especially if your physician rushes you or seems pressed for time.

If this is happening to you, consider finding a new doctor.  You deserve to be at your best at this time of your life. That is why I’ve created my practice as an “out-of-network” provider so I can allow ample time with each patient.  I realize that this may NOT be an option for some of you due to financial restraints or other factors.  That’s why I’ve created an upcoming Transformation Course to help you live your best life even if your present doctor isn’t able to help you, with an FREE introductory Masterclass to introduce it.

To learn more about this, please sign up for the FREE Masterclass: Get Your Badass Life Back.  I will help you get your life, your mind and your body back to its Badass self again!

Looking forward to sharing this vital information with you!

In health and happiness,
Dr. Diana

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  • Fabulous. I have never felt not listened to by you. You’re the best!!!

    Kathie Rosvall

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