Access to your Doctor

“Will I still have access to you?”, asked one of my patients at her recent Well Woman Exam after I explained my transition to telemedicine at the end of this year.  I responded with a resounding, “YES!".

We will still be able to communicate with each other, just not in person, but in a virtual way, using video conferencing.”  A wide smile came across her face as she was reassured that I wasn’t going away – that I was still going to help her maintain the best health and quality of life possible.

This is one of the main messages that I want to convey to you.  Although I will no longer be physically in the office, I will be available VIRTUALLY from all anywhere in the world with wifi.  You’ll have access to:

  •       Continued consults- Hormones, anxiety/depression,
  •       Check-ups regarding your health status,
  •       Laboratory/blood work follow-up,
  •       Prescription refills,
  •       Routine order for mammograms and Bone Density tests,
  •       Weekly blog posts,
  •       Access to my monthly Facebook live presentation and Q&A

AND, you’ll have insider access to:

  • Amazing over 40 Self -Care Retreats – learn the secrets to looking, living and feeling your best at whatever age.  These will be held both in person as well as virtually via webinar.
  • Connecting with new friends and exploring new places.

I look forward to hearing YOUR recommendations on where you want to travel for wellness retreats– what city in the United States have you always wanted to visit?

What place in the world is on your bucket list?  On my bucket list : Greece, Croatia and Sicily.

Now’s the time to access your dreams with me – access optimal health and wellness, access to an AMAZING wellness community and access to an entirely new mindset.

Are you ready?  Please comment below with YOUR top places you would like to visit and explore.

P.S. Join me live on Wednesday, August 10th at 5:30 pm PST! I'll be talking about... the truth about Hormone Therapy Cause Cancer? RSVP here!

-          In health and happiness


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  • Greece is on my bucket list too!! Looking forward to the live tomorrow :)


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